14-year-old girl fires gun to save sisters from intruder

14-year-old girl fires gun to save sisters from intruder

By News Staff, WYMT

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) — A 14-year-old girl fired a 9mm pistol at someone looking to break into her home, according to the Lawrence County Constable Association and confirmed by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sunday, two men in a white sedan pulled up to a home in Blaine. One got out of the car and repeatedly tried to gain entry by trying to kick in the doors.

Inside the home were three teenage girls who responded by calling 911. They were home alone at the time with their father at work and their mother at the store.

At one point the man who was trying to break in circled around to the backyard and was prepared to bust open a window with a shovel.

When this was about to happen, the man and his driver started arguing. During that argument, the youngest of the teenage girls in the home, only 14-years-old, found and loaded a 9mm pistol.

Once she noticed the argument between the two men, she fired the gun in their general direction and they left.

Lawrence County Constable Daniel Castle and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy Cory Cook responded to the 911 call and were unable to find the two men after searching for several hours.

“I think she did take some necessary steps to protect herself,” Castle said of the young girl’s actions. “Although she could have done a little bit better, considering that she is 14-years-old, she did a good job. I encourage everyone that can legally carry a firearm, to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families just in case the need arises.”

Anyone with any information on the men trying to invade the home are encouraged to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.



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