Aaron Seits goes to trial for selling weed

Aaron Seits. 24, is a self-employed electrician who was arrested after his house caught fire and the firemen who came to put it out found marijuana plants growing inside.

When this was discovered the firemen called in the police, who then contacted the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force.

The Narcotics Task Force agents found 1,298 immature and mature plants growing throughout the two story home. They also discovered 60 grams of packaged marijuana, cash, a loaded rifle and a loaded AK-47 with high-velocity ammunition magazines.

Seites is now faced with felony counts including possession of marijuana for sale, cultivation of marijuana and theft of utility service. He is also charged with two more felony counts that include illegal possession of an assault rifle and ammunition.

Seites is faced with seven years of prison and remains out of custody on a $175,00 bail bond. He is expected to return to the Hall of Justice on Feb.5 for his superior Court arraignment.


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