Attempted murder suspect from Fresno nabbed in Arizona

HURON — A cell phone’s GPS signal was the key to helping law enforcement officials arrest a suspect wanted for a gang-related shooting that happened in Huron in March.

Police had been looking for Jose Antonio ‘Pepe’ Dominguez, 24, a known Norteno gang member, since the March 30 attempted murder of a rival Bulldog gang member. The shooting took place outside of a convenience store in Huron.

“Dominguez, a lifelong resident of Huron and a member of Huron’s violent Norteno criminal street gang, was positively identified by the victim,” said Lt. Robert Herndon, interim chief of the Huron Police Department. “Dominguez was the shooter, but other suspects are believed to have assisted him.”

Dominguez initially fled to Visalia after the shooting, and a few days later escaped to Oregon with assistance from family members, according to Huron police. While on the run in Canby, Oregon, Dominguez allegedly shot several Sureno gang members at a gathering on April 17.

Through further investigation, police officials discovered that Dominguez was linked to a narcotics ring in Arizona with connections to Mexican drug cartels, and was also linked to the selling of stolen property on eBay. His cell phone was used as a point of contact for those transactions.

Investigators from the Huron and Canby police departments were able to use the suspect’s cell phone signal to trace his calls to a location in Phoenix, Ariz. On May 7, undercover agents located and arrested Domginuez at the home of a Norteno crime lord, according to Huron police.

Dominguez is currently being extradited to Oregon to stand trial for attempted murder. He faces similar charges in Fresno County.


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