Auburn man in jail after foiled robbery attempt

ROCKLIN (Oct. 12) — An Auburn man is in the Placer County Jail after Rocklin police arrested him Sunday for attempted robbery.

According to Lt. Lon Milka, Rocklin Police Department, Terrance Doutherd, 20, had been arrested late afternoon after Rocklin police officers responded to an attempted robbery call.

“The victim, a young woman, had been walking in the area of Sierra College Boulevard and El Don Drive,” Milka said. He stated that the suspect approached from behind, attempting to grab the victim’s purse.

“She (the victim) fought back. At one point, she was knocked to the ground,” Milka said, causing the young woman to sustain minor injuries to her head.

Milka stated that a pair of passing motorists stopped to assist the victim and chased the male subject into a near by apartment complex. “However, they had lost sight of the suspect.”

When police arrived, both the victim and witnesses told the officers what had happened and described the suspect. “He (the suspect) was described as a male wearing blue jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt with the hood up.”

Rocklin police officers searched the apartment complex, where they located the suspect. Milka said that the suspect had already changed his clothes and hid the other clothes on a nearby baloney.

Doutherd was arrested and booked into jail, charged with the attempted robbery. He was also charged with violating probation, that charge being assault with a deadly weapon.

He is currently being held on $70,000 bail.


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