Auburn Police right on the nose in arrest

   Auburn, Calif. — An Auburn man, originally stopped on a suspected traffic violation, wound up being arrested when his bandaged nose led Auburn Police to link him with a recent residential burglary.

   Taken into custody early Sunday (Dec. 7) was Harry Ferrara of 13300 Lincoln Way, Auburn, after being stopped by police at the interesection of Elm Ave and Insterstate 80.

   The incident report says patrolman Scott Alford made the arrest after noticing the driver’s bandaged nose. Alford remembered that an unidentified burglary suspect reportedly had an injured nose, so he questioned Ferrara.

   The 58-year old Ferrara is suspected of being one of two men who burglarized a vacant home in the 900 block of Mikkelsen St. in the middle of last month. The crime happened shortly after two would-be renters made a walk-through, during which the home’s garage-door opener was taken.

   “The two men left a cell-phone number with the person showing the home, and we were able to develop information that one of them was named Raymond, and the he had a banged-up nose,” Auburn Police Lieutentant Scott Burns said.

   Burns said that it turned out Ferrara is also known as Raymond Tramaglino.

   “Alford’s questioning led to an admission by Ferrara. It was a case of some really great police work,” Burns added.

   Ferrara was transported to the Placer County Jail, where bail was set at $10,000 for charges of burglary and conspiracy. He’s also being held on suspicion of violating parole.


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