Beverly Hills Woman Is Infamous Westside Tip Jar Bandit, Police Say

Beverly Hills Woman Is Infamous Westside Tip Jar Bandit, Police Say

From LAist – Juliet Bennett Rylah – Feb 13 2015 11:05 am.

Police believe they’ve arrested the notorious Tip Jar Bandit, ending her not-so-smooth reign of terror on the hard-working employees of West L.A.

Jessica Shub, a 20-year-old Beverly Hills resident, was arrested by Beverly Hills PD yesterday for allegedly swiping tips from Brighton Coffee Shop in Beverly Hills. While Shub was able to escape the coffee shop, a vigilante witness stealthily followed her and alerted police, CBS LA reports. The police arrested Shub about half a block away from the coffee shop.

Video surveillance from January showed a woman believed to be Shub stealing tips from numerous business in West L.A.—Seoul Sausage, Komodo and Slicetruck Sawtelle were among them. She would first distract the employees with questions. When they turned their backs, she would gingerly reach into their tip jars, grab a wad of cash and stuff it in her purse. She was said to have made off with anywhere between $20 and $50 a grab. A few times, employees caught on to her scheme, noting that she was obviously faking phone calls outside. One time she was even confronted and threw the money back at the employee before fleeing. Witnesses noted she drove a white Infinity.

Police say that had already set their sights on Shub, but were waiting for an arrest warrant to be signed at the time of the Brighton heist. She is currently being held on a $20,000 bail, according to the L.A. Times.

We don’t know the motivations of the alleged tip jar bandit. Maybe she did it for the thrill—like Winona Ryder or Marilyn Manson. Except, of course, that instead of stealing from a corporation or business, this bandit was allegedly stealing straight from hard-working service employees.

You Tube video of her in action, stealing the money 30 seconds in.



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