Blame Game For Torn Trouser Scheme Unravels, Leads To Arrest

Gaylon Linn Murphy

Irvine, CA (July 18, 2008) – An Irvine man’s alleged ploy to be reimbursed by local businesses for their role in ripping his trousers, unraveled on him and lead to his arrest at 3:30 pm on Thursday July 17, 2008.

Gaylon Linn Murphy, 52, of Irvine, had recently approached management at the Houston’s restaurant at 2991 Michelson Dr. requesting they compensate him for damage to his designer pants which he claimed were torn while he was using their restroom.

According to Lt. Rick Handfield, Murphy suggested the pants were part of a matching suit that was worth between $500 and $1,800.

Suspicion of Murphy’s story began when the Houston’s restaurant manager, Tom Allen, called the store where Murphy had purchased the suit, Gucci’s in South Coast Plaza, to confirm the price of the pants.

The Gucci’s manager related that Murphy had been trying to get them to write a letter stating the value of the pants. The Manager also revealed that they’d received a call from the Irvine Home Depot from whom Murphy was also trying to receive payment for damage to a pair of expensive trousers.

“It really just started with us trying to find the best way to help out,” said Restaurant Manager Allen. “And rather quickly these other facts came up.”

Murphy was arrested and booked into Orange County Jail on charges of attempted grand theft.

Before his current arrest, the Orange County law enforcement community was already familiar with Murphy who was responsible for creating many reports of UFO sightings in 2007. Using a remote control foam flying saucer with flashing lights, Murphy would fly it over public events and other crowded places, often causing an uproar.

Detectives believe that Murphy may have used his damaged garment scheme in other businesses and ask for anyone with additional information to call Detective Alan Day at (949) 724-7199.


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