Bloodhound helps find Niagara Falls woman chained in basement

Bloodhound helps find Niagara Falls woman chained in basement

By Ben Kesslen, NBC News

A woman chained in a basement in Niagara Falls, New York, was discovered with the help of a police bloodhound, police said.

The man allegedly responsible has been arrested, police said.

On Monday, after a 12-hour standoff, the U.S. Marshals Service arrested Michael Ciskiewic, who faces charges of kidnapping, burglary, rape, assault and menacing with a weapon.

Niagara Falls police said Ciskiewic was neighbors with the woman and sometimes cut her grass. Late Sunday evening, he allegedly knocked on her door and proceeded to attack her.

When police received a call about the incident, they found broken windows and blood, but could not locate the victim or Ciskiewic. Ultimately, authorities were able to locate the woman in another home with the help of a bloodhound.

Police initially believed Ciskiewic was hiding in his home but eventually found him in a nearby industrial area.

Ciskiewic will be arraigned on Tuesday morning, police said.

The woman is recovering and has been released from the hospital.



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