Breast Implant Swap Helps Expose Cosmetic Surgery Crook

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – A Laguna Niguel woman, wanted by Huntington Beach police for allegedly using a false credit line to get liposuction treatment and new breast implants at a Huntington Beach surgery center, turned herself into authorities Tuesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

Yvonne Pampellonne, 30, was wanted on a $20,000 warrant which was issued last week and began being reported by local media outlets Monday. The warrant included charges of identity theft, grand theft and commercial burglary.

According to police, Pampellonne allegedly used a stolen identity to open a line of credit in September. She then proceeded to rack up $12,000 worth of treatments and breast implants from the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Huntington Beach.

The center was alerted to the scheme when an irate man from San Diego called them to question why his credit line had been tagged with $12,000dollars worth of cosmetic surgery.

Breast implants that had been removed from Pampellonne helped to answer the question.

Pampellonne received a procedure referred to as a breast-implant exchange which replaces old implants with new ones. The investigation that followed tied the tracking numbers of Pampellone’s old implants to the suspect credit charge and the procedures she had received. Tracking numbers are placed on implants to link them with patients for a variety of reasons, including future complications that may arise.

A photographic lineup also allowed employees of the surgical center to further identify Pampellonne.

Police initially expected to be able to apprehend Pampellonne at the surgical center when she returned for routine follow up appointments, but she never showed up for them, said police.

Pampellonne has reportedly been convicted of several past driving violations including speeding, failing to stop at a red light or stop sign and driving without a license, insurance or registration.


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