Bribery charge made against Yuba County social worker

   Although she is legally presumed to be innocent, a Yuba County social worker probably will have a difficult time beating charges of accepting a bribe. That’s because arresting authorities not only bugged her phone calls, but say they also watched her taking the bribe money.

   Yolanda P. Fryson, a 41-year old Child Protective Services worker for Yuba County, was arrested October 30 at the intersection of West Oak and Rocklin Road, near her 1606 Abilene Circle residence in Rocklin.

   According to Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Jim Hudson, Fryson had previously contacted her victim, telling him she had information he’d been involved in the sexual molestation of a minor.

  The victim, who had not molested anyone,  then contacted Yuba County authorities, who quickly turned the case over to Placer County, which had earlier put together a fraud case against Fryson, one which alleged she used checks or written instruments to defraud a local U.S. Bank branch.

   Hudson said Placer County authorities recorded Fryson’s phone calls, learned of the bribe attempt, then observed her receivng a $10,000 cash bribe from the intended victim.

   “She showed a Yuba County badge during this investigation, which was odd, seeing as how three years ago she had reported it missing. She was issued a new badge,” Hudson said. 

   Fryson had been placed on paid administrative leave in June of this year pending the outcome of that fraud charge, so by allegedly displaying the earlier badge that subsequently was reported by her as being missing, she now faces an additional charge of possession of stolen property.

   Fryson, who is also charged with receiving a bribe, and extortion, remains jailed at Placer County in lieu of $500,000 bail.


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