Bryon Julious Wooten’s second murder trial

Ruth Lee was a reluctant witness Wednesday as she testified in the murder trial of her own son, Byron Julious Wooten.

Ruth recounted what she witnessed form the passengers seat of her son’s car the day he is accused of bowling through a crowd of people in May 2005 when he was 20.

Wooten is charged with one count of second-degree murder, five counts of attempted murder and hit-and–run resulting in death.

Victims of this incident are 5 people along with a thirteen-year-old Reggie Johnson. Wooten drove two blocks before he stopped, dragging one youngster with him the entire way.

Wooten was driving South Owen Street when he saw a group of boys who were gathered with Wooten’s cousin, Ronnie hill, 24. He then drove his car into the group.

The incident was probably partly due to a long running dispute between Wooten and Hill, and a longstanding feud between lee and her sister. Hill was lucky enough to survive and was also at the trial to testify Wednesday.

This is Wooten’s second trial connected with the incident. This is because the defense was granted a mistrial September after some of the evidence was handled improperly.


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