Burlary suspect caught on tape

By O. Lee Brown

REDLANDS, CA – An employee from a popular Mexican food restaurant was caught, on tape, trying to steal cash on Thursday.

Jo Ann Austin, of Redlands, was arrested the same day after surveillance cameras detected her taking an envelope that contained about $1,400 in cash from Cuca’s Mexican Food Restaurant on 527 East State Ave.

Carl Baker, spokesman for the Redlands Police Department, said that Austin, 46, was seen on the surveillance cameras sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday. Most of alleged stolen cash was apparently recovered, according to Baker. Police arrested Austin about three hours after Cuca’s managers reported the theft at 8:20 a.m. on Thursday.

She was charged with grand theft.

It is the original Cuca’s restaurant, which now has six restaurants, including two in Redlands, with others in nearby Highland, Yucaipa, along with Rialto and Ontario.


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