Car burglar interrupted by victim

CARLSBAD — A local resident who stumbled onto a vehicle break-in lead police to the suspect believed responsible for multiple residential burglaries in and around Carlsbad.

The resident came upon 23-year-old Ines Flores as Flores was stealing items out of the resident’s car shortly after 6 a.m. Tuesday. According to the victim, Flores brandished a knife when confronted and quickly fled the scene.

A description of the suspect lead police to Flores, who pulled over during a traffic stop by a Carlsbad motorcycle officer. The victim responded to the scene of the traffic stop and identified Flores as the man he encountered at his car in the area of Hastings Drive earlier that morning.

Police found numerous items in Flores’ car that are believed to have been stolen from other residents of Carlsbad and surrounding cities. Flores was booked into the Vista detention facility on charges of robbery, possession of stolen property and petty theft. Detectives are continuing the investigation.


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