Citizens, officers with Tazer bring theft suspect into custody

TULARE, Calif. (Oct. 29, 2008) —  Tulare citizens and police officers worked together after a flashlight and a checkbook were reported stolen out of a car on October 29 and one Tulare man ended the evening tazed and in custody.

A Tulare man reported to the police that items had been stolen from his car, according to Tulare Police Capt. Jerry Breckinridge.

Soon the Tulare Police were called to a citizen’s arrest of Bryan Robert Porter, 39, of 897 South Spruce in Tulare, and they found that he had the checkbook and the flashlight in his possession. The rightful owner identified the items as his stolen property.

During the exchange, Porter reportedly put up a struggle, resisting arrest, and failing to respond when the officers told him he needed to subdue himself or they would deployed a TASER to subdue him.

They did use the TASER on him and once he was cleared at Tulare District Hospital, he was booked into Tulare County Jail on charges of felony burglary, petty theft, receiving stolen property and obstruction of a public officer in the course of his duty.


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