Clovis Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence and False Imprisonment

SANGER – Sanger police arrested a Clovis police officer Wednesday on suspicion of domestic violence.

Kyle Pennington was on unrelated leave from the Clovis Police Department at the time of his arrest. Sanger officers responded to Pennington’s home in the 2100 block of Oak Avenue for a domestic violence call on Tuesday morning.

The domestic abuse involved a male and female. Pennington was apparently holding the woman against her will. When Sanger officers arrived at the home, Pennington refused to let them in. The officers obtained a search warrant and returned to the home several hours later, early Wednesday morning.

After searching the home and finding evidence relating to the alleged domestic abuse, officers placed Pennington under arrest and booked into the Fresno County Jail for suspicion of domestic abuse and false imprisonment.

Although Pennington is going through a divorce, the victim in the case is not his estranged wife, authorities said.

Pennington has been with the Clovis Police Department since 2007, but has been on paid leave for an undisclosed reason since mid-March of this year, according to the Clovis Police Department.

Court records show that Pennington was convicted of a DUI in 2000 and sued the city of Clovis last year for alleged civil rights violations.

Prosecutors have not yet filed charges in the domestic abuse case. If charged and convicted, Pennington would more than likely face termination with the Clovis Police Department.

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