CVS patron assaulted, others held at gunpoint during robbery

MONROVIA – A patron of CVS pharmacy was assaulted and about 10 other employees and patrons were tied up during a robbery at the Monrovia CVS Pharmacy Tuesday morning.

The unidentified suspect fled in a red Toyota pick-up with an estimated $2,000 stolen from the store safe, said Sergeant Jaime Alfaro of the Monrovia Police Department.

The assaulted CVS patron suffered a head wound and lacerations after the robber pistol-whipped him, the Pasadena Star News reported Wednesday. No one else was injured.

The robbery occurred between 7:10 and 7:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. The suspect fled the scene before police could respond, Sgt. Alfaro said.

The suspect herded up employees and patrons, took the money from the safe, and quickly left, the Pasadena Star News reported.

The suspect was described by witnesses as a 6-feet 2-inch, African American male, approximately 250-280 pounds. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and the lower part of his face was obscured by a t-shirt that he held over his face. The red Toyota pick-up with which he fled the scene was a late-1990s model. He was headed southbound from the CVS store, located at 950 West Foothill Boulevard in Monrovia.

–Emily Sanderson, Crime News Reporter, United Reporting


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