Dispensary site of two failed robbery attempts

FRESNO – For the second time in three weeks, a medical marijuana dispensary in northwest Fresno was the scene of another attempted burglary.

George Hill

Daniel Raymond Jordan

County Sheriff Margaret Mims on Tuesday announced the arrests of two 19-year-old males and one Fresno teen in connection to an attempted break-in at the Central Valley Collective over the weekend.

Daniel Raymond Jordan and George Hill, both 19, and a 15-year-old Fresno male were booked in connection to the attempted burglary early Saturday morning. The trio is suspected of trying to steal marijuana from the dispensary, located off of the 640 block of Shaw Avenue.

According to sheriff’s department spokesman Chris Curtice, a resident near the business placed the 911 phone call after hearing broken glass around 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

“A baseball bat was used to break the windows,” Curtice revealed.

Responding deputies immediately discovered a silver Dodge van pulling away from the business. The vehicle was pulled over near the intersection of Santa Ana and Glenn avenues. While the investigation revealed that the three suspects had abandoned their efforts to enter the dispensary, they were still arrested for attempting to break-in.

All three subjects were booked on charges of attempted burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary. Jordan and Hill were later booked into Fresno County jail, while the 15-year-old minor was booked into the county’s Juvenile Justice Facility.

Curtice confirmed that, this time, no one was inside the business during the robbery attempt.

Back on Feb. 16, an employee locked himself in an office within the business during afternoon hours to help foil a robbery attempt by 20-year-old Shawn Michael Kersey, who was arrested in connection to the crime.

The two crimes at the dispensary appear to be non-related, according to county sheriff officials.


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