Dixon teen burglarized

Volunteers at a  teen center in Dixon discovered a theft of the center’s video game consoles early Monday morning. Teen center workers reported the theft must have happened between late Saturday night and early Monday morning.

Workers stated that the building was left secure on Friday and Saturday evening and that the burglars gained access by coming into the back of the old Dixon High School courtyard and jumping over its fences. The suspects then broke a panel of glass in a window that leads to the center’s main multipurpose room.

The center reported the incident to the Dixon Police Department, who came and dusted the facility for prints. Center workers were told it might be difficult to distinguish the prints however, because multiple sets were found, some of which might belong to the teens who attend the center.

The center is currently looking into installing cameras and other equipment to safeguard it from future attempts of theft.

Anyone with information  regarding the theft of the Dixon Teen  Center can contact police at (707) 678-7070.


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