Duo Charged with Attempted Arson

By Justin Smith

Two people were arrested Wednesday on charges of attempted arson of a federal building and possession of and unregistered incendiary device. Mathew Fraticelli, 30, and Stephanie Shinn, 35, were arrested at their residence of 4075 of Black Tail Dr. Sacramento and are suspected of leaving an incendiary device next to the Sacramento Federal Courthouse last Saturday evening.

The device was found around 4:45 a.m. on Sunday, May 17 by Federal Protection Service personnel during a routine patrol. The incendiary device was made from a Heineken mini-keg with “Fraticellli” written in black ink on the side, contained one gallon of flammable liquid and duct taped to it was a pill bottle with a firecracker sticking out of the top. The device was in a grocery bag and placed next to a security kiosk.

Surveillance cameras showed the male suspect at 8:20 pm Saturday night walking northbound on 6th Street carrying a brown paper bag. The suspect walks out of view of the surveillance camera then reappears again 19 seconds later without the paper bag in hand.

He meets up with a female pushing a baby stroller and they scuttle off. According to the FBI press release investigators were able to determine that the two in the video were Fraticelli and Shinn,  authorities arrested them a few days later, given his name was written in black in on the mini-keg explosive.

The mini-keg duo are being held in Sacramento County Jail without bail.


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