Duo stole unemployment checks to feed meth habit, say authorities

Ger Yang, 27 and Seng Yang, 18

“Detectives learned that Yang and Yang were stealing mail looking for checks,” Curtice said.

FRESNO – An uncle and nephew suspected of stealing mail from multiple homes in Fresno were captured by county sheriff’s authorities last week.

Ger Yang, 27, and his nephew Seng Sor Yang, 18, were arrested Aug. 2 on charges of mail theft and are suspected of taking mostly unemployment checks from residences. Fresno County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Chris Curtice said the pair of family members had a motive for taking other people’s mail.

“Detectives learned that Yang and Yang were stealing mail looking for checks,” Curtice said. “They would then cash the checks to support their methamphetamine habit.”

An investigation into the thefts was first launched in late July, when the sheriff’s office received a report of missing mail at a residence located on the 5000 block of East Copper Avenue in northeast Fresno. One of the items taken was an unemployment check.

That check was cashed at the unemployment office, which was where detectives helped link the stolen check to Seng Sor Yang. The trail then led to the home of Ger Yang, who was on felony parole, according to Curtice.

The investigation also revealed that there was more than one victim.

“During the search, detectives discovered several items of mail apparently stolen from 20 different victims,” he said.

Seng Sor Yang was arrested for check fraud and theft. Ger Yang was arrested for forgery, theft, possession of stolen property, and for parole violations. Both men were booked into Fresno County jail.


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