Dyker Heights murder suspect allegedly killed and ate dad, turning home into horrific crime scene

Dyker Heights murder suspect allegedly killed and ate dad, turning home into horrific crime scene

By Rose Adams, Emily Davenport, and Todd MaiselBrooklyn Paper

A 26-year-old allegedly stabbed his father to death in their Dyker Heights home early Wednesday morning and may have partially eaten him, police sources say.

“It’s one of the worst crime scenes I’ve ever seen. He was missing body parts — we don’t know where they are,” one high-ranking cop said.

The suspect, Khaled Ahmad, allegedly went into a Dyker Heights bagel shop sometime before 4:20 am on April 15, and told cops that he had killed and eaten his father, another law enforcement source said.

“The suspect went up to two officers that were at the bagel shop and he told them he killed his father. I was informed that he ate his father as well,” the source said.

Police went to the victim’s house on 84th Street near 14th Avenue — a well-groomed, quiet block of Dyker Heights — where they found the grisly scene.

Upon their arrival, officers saw 57-year-old Imad Ahmad, unconscious and unresponsive, with multiple stab wounds to his body. The body was also mutilated, cops said.

First responders pronounced the victim dead at the scene. The younger man was taken into custody.

The 26-year-old is said to be unemployed and had been sheltering in place at the home. One law enforcement source said he had a history of emotional disturbance.

“They were quiet neighbors, I’ve seen the kids every now and again,” said one resident who asked not to be named, a 20-year resident of the block. “He always had a hat and suit on. I’m shocked to be out here this morning with my coffee and see they have it roped off.”

“I just saw him three days ago. I am sad to know that he’s gone,” said Mansor Hassan, 54, also a neighbor of the family.

The suspect is charged with murder and criminal possession of weapon, according to a police spokesperson. Crime scene investigators were at the house this morning and the investigation remains ongoing.

Additional reporting by Lloyd Mitchell



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