Elusive Burglar Nabbed In Newport

NEWPORT BEACH / COSTA MESA – The suspect of an alleged robbery that included a moving van, flattened parking meters and, initially, a successful escape, has been arrested.

Christopher Dean Williams, 46, of 24663 Eucalyptus, Apt. 10, in Moreno Valley, was taken into custody after eluding police for several hours Wednesday morning.

Police believe Williams burglarized Cutting Edge Systems located at 2950 Airway Ave. in Costa Mesa about 2:20 a.m., loading four large engraving machines into his Ford Econoline moving van before taking off.

A witness alerted police to the suspicious circumstances and a chase ensued with Williams leading police into Newport Beach and abandoning the plunder filled van near the pier before police could catch up.

Despite an intense search, police were unable to immediately locate Williams.

Later Wednesday morning, however, police were contacted by an employee of Henry’s Groceries at 2112 Oceanfront West, who had found a man in the store’s bathroom.

According to Evan Sailor of the Newport Beach PD, police responded and were able to find Williams nearby, scratched, bruised and disguising himself by wearing his jacket inside out.

Newport Beach police arrested Williams for burglary while Costa Mesa police noted that Williams also had a warrant for his arrest in Riverside County with bail set at $2 Million dollars.


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