EZ Lube CEO takes out much of city block with Escalade

NEWPORT BEACH — An early morning series of crashes by a single Cadillac Escalade came to a head when the truck careened through a storefront on Pacific Coast Highway.

Mark David Goodman, 41, of Newport Beach was taken into custody just after 5:30 a.m. Tuesday on suspicion of driving under the influence and other possible charges. Goodman is reportedly the CEO of EZ Lube, a position he recently acquired.

According to police, it appeared Goodman initially crashed when he drove his Escalade onto the sidewalk along East Coast Highway, demolishing a parking sign before taking out the brick wall of a low planter.

From there, authorities believe Goodman backed up from the scene to continue on his way. However, this attempt to carry on with his journey soon went bad when the Escalade ended up back on the sidewalk and took out another parking sign, wounded a palm tree and flattened a bus stop bench before smashing through the front of a business.

Emergency personnel was required to stabilize the building and at least $75,000 damage was estimated to have occurred.

Goodman reportedly posted the allotted $10,000 bail and was scheduled to be arraigned.


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