Fairfield, Vacaville police seize drugs, weapons from homes

Marijuana, Herion, Ecstasy and cash were all seized from the properties.

FAIRFIELD – The Vacaville Police Department Narcotics team and Crime Suppression Team served three search warrants in Fairfield at three separate locations as a result of a narcotics investigation on October 1, according to a press release.

The Fairfield Police Department Tactical Team was used on two of the search warrants. Three of the five guns seized were confirmed stolen. Two of the guns were assault pistols and suspected to be fully automatic. A test will be conducted later to determine the functionality of the weapons.

Various drugs, most packaged for sale, were seized from the properties – approximately seven pounds of marijuana (street value approximately $3,000-$5,000 per pound), approximately two ounces of heroin (street value approximately $400-$700 per ounce), more than 300 Ecstacy pills (street value $10-$15 per pill)  and approximately $4,500 in cash. There was evidence of narcotics trafficking at the locations as well.

The locations where the warrants were served were on the 1900 block of Grande Circle, the 2400 block of Main Sail Ct. and the 2000 block of Clay Bank Rd. Sgt. Rick Elm of the Vacaville narcotics team added that his team was tracking these suspects for a while.

“We can’t say how long we’ve been following them, or where we got our information, but we’ve known about them for a while,” he said.

Three males and a female were arrested – Jame Leigh-Robinson, 25; Nakio Mason, 19; Sir Charles Mason, 19; and DeShun Parish, 24 were booked into Solano County Jail on various drugs and weapons charges. Parish was a parolee-at-large at the time of his arrest. He was considered armed prior to the search warrant being served.

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