FBI: Man sexually abused teen on flight

FBI: Man sexually abused teen on flight

By Pauline Repard | U-T San Diego

An Oceanside man is facing charges of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl during an airline flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City earlier this week.

A federal complaint alleges that while on a Delta Airlines flight, 67-year-old Hans Loudermilk started up a conversation that “turned sexual in nature,” then rubbed the girl’s leg and thigh.

Loudermilk was arrested in the Salt Lake City airport Tuesday after they landed and the girl reported the incident to a Transportation Security Administration officer.

The complaint, filed Wednesday in the United States District Court in Utah, alleges that Loudermilk engaged in two counts of sexual abuse on the girl, identified only as “KD.”

He is alleged to have asked the girl to move to a seat next to his. She did, and they talked during the flight.

About 25 minutes before landing, he “explained to KD that he could teach her things sexually that boys her age could not,” the complaint says. “Loudermilk continued to state that she should drive with him and that in the state of Utah he could marry her at her current age.”

He moved closer, touched her chin, then “progressed to rubbing KD’s leg and upper thigh,” the complaint said. “KD got extremely nervous and wanted this to end.”

The complaint said Loudermilk saw the teen talking to the TSA officer after landing, and he ducked into the gift shop to change his tan shirt to a black jacket “possibly to avoid detection by law enforcement,” an FBI agent said in the complaint.

Loudermilk was jailed, and appeared in court the next day.



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