Few details in killing of single mother

PARLIER — Fresno County authorities are currently piecing together the circumstances surrounding a deadly incident that occurred Wednesday evening in the town of Parlier, where one woman was shot dead and a man was sent to the hospital.

The crime took place near the cross streets of Mendocino and Cypress avenues on the west side of town. Around 5 p.m., the Parlier Police Department was called to a house on the 1300 block of East Cypress Avenue regarding a shooting.

Officers found a woman shot dead and discovered a man nearby suffering from undisclosed injuries, stemming from an altercation between at least two to three people following gunshots. No suspects are currently in custody, according to Fresno County sheriff’s authorities.

The female murder victim, whose name has not yet been released, was revealed to be a single mother of six children. The sheriff’s department placed the neighborhood on lockdown for nearly five hours to investigate the crime.

The injured man, whose name has also not been released, is said to be a relative of the murdered woman. Sgt. Leo Lopez, supervisor of the Detectives Unit at the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, hasn’t drawn any conclusions on the injured male.

“I’m not categorizing that person as a victim,” Lopez said. “We haven’t determined what that person’s involvement is yet.”

This latest incident is now the second homicide case in Parlier this month. Back on March 10, Israel Lopez was murdered in his home located off of K and Merced streets on the east side of town. Cesario Garabay Benitez, 51, was taken into custody by a U.S Marshall Task Force after Lopez’s death.


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