Fight on School Grounds Teaches Students About Handcuffs

Two Visalia high school students got into a fight on Monday March 2, and ended up in trouble with more than school administrators.

Visalia police officers came out to Sequoia High School in Visalia when they were called to a fight between Richard Anthony Luna, 18, of 2828 N. Conyer St. in Visalia and a juvenile student at around 10 a.m., according to Visalia Police Sgt. Steve Phillips.

When a school official tried to restrain Luna, he forced himself away, and when a police officer took over, restraining the student, Luna reportedly tried to pull himself from the authority figure. The officer used a hold to get the teen under control and got the handcuffs on him.
As for the juvenile student, “he didn’t resist,” said Sgt. Phillips.

Luna, who turned 18 in February, was arrested on charges of fighting on school grounds and resisting arrest and booked into the Tulare County Jail, according to Sgt. Phillips. His juvenile opponent was charged with fighting on school grounds.


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