Freed Hilton stalker goes for threepeat, lands in jail

LOS ANGELES — Police said on Monday that a Wildomar man, arrested last week outside the home of Paris Hilton, remained in jail following a third attempt at contacting the celebrity heiress.

On July 4, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were told that a suspicious man was spotted near Hilton’s Malibu beach house, said sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Deputies arrived about 4:30 p.m. that Monday and found James Rainford, 36, of Wildomar, who was suspected of trying to peek into her home.  This was allegedly the third instance in which he had tried to contact Hilton.

Wildomar is located next to Lake Elsinore in Riverside County.

Rainford was already the subject of an April restraining order prohibiting him from coming within 200 yards of Hilton or her home. He was charged by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office last Tuesday with violating the order.

Whitmore said Rainford had also been arrested in October after he sneaked onto Hilton’s Hollywood Hills property and fought with her security guards. According to reports, he had bicycled past security guards at the entrance to a gated community, went to her house and started pounding on the door.

Rainford drew a restraining order and was sentenced to three years probation for that incident.

He was arrested again in April when sheriff’s deputies said he attacked Hilton’s then-boyfriend Cy Waits as she was going to testify in a different stalking case outside Van Nuys Superior Court. He pleaded to misdemeanor battery, according to court records. Sentenced to 227 days in jail, Rainford was released early.

At the time, Hilton was going to testify against Nathan Lee Parada, a Redlands resident charged with felony attempted burglary. Parada was arrested in August 2010 when police said he was found with knives outside Hilton’s house.

Rainford, who was convicted of felony drunk driving in 2005, was booked on suspicion of a misdemeanor at the Lost Hills station. He remains in jail and was being held on $20,000 bail.


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