From Foot Fetish to Felony

by R.L. McCullough

Santa Barbara, Ca.—June 17, 2009
Raymundo Cruz-Avianeda of Oxnard was arrested by Santa Barbara Police on charges of rape, digital penetration, sexual battery and false imprisonment inflicted upon … the mother of his girlfriend. 

The girlfriend’s mother alleges that Cruz-Avianeda entered her bedroom where she was alone, rubbing her aching feet.  This was apparently highly alluring to Cruz-Avianeda who, over his victim’s protestations, began to massage her feet.  At that point, he pushed victim down on the bed, kissing and groping her beneath her apparel.

Despite her resistance and repeated pleas for him to stop, Cruz-Avianeda is alleged to have forcibly disrobed her and sexually assaulted her.  Unable to physically restrain him, the victim  suggested that they have sex in another room. 

 Cruz-Avianeda left the room and entered an adjoining bedroom.

As he exited the room, however, the victim reportedly slammed the door closed behind her assailant and promptly locked it.

  At that point, the suspect  fled the scene.

Upon the return of her daughter to the residence, the victim came forward to report the crime and Cruz-Avianeda was promptly located and detained.  Upon interrogation by investigating detectives, the ever-so-romantic suspect confessed to the alleged events and now resides in Santa Barbara County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.


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