Girlfriend held captive and tortured because of Facebook message

Anthony Lozano, 36

HANFORD — A Hanford resident was arrested late last week on suspicions that he held his live-in girlfriend captive for several days, while torturing and threatening to kill her.

Deputies from the Kings County Sheriff’s Office arrested Anthony Lozano, 36, in the evening of Aug. 28, four days after he allegedly began holding his girlfriend against her will after seeing a message on her Facebook page from one of her contacts.

Lozano’s girlfriend, who has not been named, told authorities that Lozano became jealous and accused her of having an affair. She said that he grabbed her hair and dragged her through the house, repeatedly threatening to kill her. She also told authorities that he tied her up and jabbed her with an aluminum bat.

The 23-year-old victim managed to escape four days into her ordeal, authorities said.

“Anthony Lozano left the residence to attend a function at which time the victim found an opportunity to escape and then contacted Kings County Sheriff’s Department,” said department spokesman Chris Jordan.

The couple’s 3-year-old child and Lozano’s 12-year-old child were also in the house when the torture took place, authorities said.

Lozano is being held at the Kings County Jail. His bail is set at $175,000.


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