Grillin’ And Chillin’ And Fightin’ In Downtown Dixon

DIXON— “Grillin’ and Chillin’” is a family-friendly chili/barbecue cookoff attracting thousands of visitors to the blocked-off streets of downtown Dixon every year. After this year’s event closed down around 10 p.m.  on July 21 and its participants departed the downtown, rowdy revelers in nearby bars were just getting started with their distinctive festivities.

Grillin' and Chillin' Street Fair

By midnight, Dixon Police had their hands full. Several patrol officers separated combatants in “seven physical fights along the 100 block of South First Street and the 100 block of North First Street,” according to Dixon Police spokesman Patrol Sergeant Loren Ellefson.

Jack E. Green III, 23, of Dixon was arrested and charged with battery.

Several more people were booked for Public Intoxication. Since these bookings are considered legally to be detentions only (until the detainees sober up), their names were not released according to 849(b) Penal Code, Sgt. Ellefson said.

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