Hide and Seek Domestic Violence Parolee Found In Ceiling

IRVINE, CA – A man wanted for charges of Domestic Violence was arrested Wednesday morning, March 18th, after police received a report of suspicious activity at an Irvine business located in the 17000 block of Von Karman.

Martin Boyett, 42, of Santa Ana, was taken into custody despite his attempt to evade police by hiding in the ceiling of an adjoining business.

Police responded to the suspicious activity report just after 5 a.m., the witness saying several people with flashlights were going in and out of the business.

According to police, upon their arrival they quickly learned that the subjects with the flashlights were employees of the business. However, the investigation also revealed Boyett as one of those employees and that he was a “parolee-at-large,” wanted in connection with a domestic violence incident that had occurred in Santa Ana earlier in the week.

An Irvine Police K-9 unit was brought in to help locate Boyett and a thorough search of the location was conducted, officials said.

Boyett was eventually found hiding in a false ceiling of the adjoining business which was connected with the one for which Boyett worked by a common stairwell. Once helped down from the ceiling, Boyett was arrested for the parole violation warrant.

According to police no other criminal activity was discovered.

The Orange County Register reports that according to Orange County Superior Court records, Boyett plead guilty to drug possession in 2003, theft in 1998, receiving stolen property in 1995 and burglary in 1992.


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