Identity Theft in Rocklin

Identity Theft in Rocklin

By Justin Smith


A quinquagenarian man was arrested Tuesday, April 28 for allegedly using someone else’s identity to purchase a couple thousand dollars of goods at RC Willey of 6636 Lonetree Blvd. in Rocklin.


The suspect Adrian Harvey, 52 of 4820 Story Way, Elk Grove used an RC Willey Department store credit card to purchase a digital camera and two laptop computers in February. When the employees of RC Willey figured out that Conyers had perverted the credit card application, they contacted the Rocklin Police Department. Not only did he pervert the application, he left his fingerprints on it.


The Rocklin Police Department Lab analyzed the thumb print and determined it was that of Adrian Conyers. Technology and fingerprint databases had their way and came out on top creating a shame spiral for Conyers.


According to Scott Horrillo, when the lab determined it was Conyers, the Rocklin Police and Conyers’ probation officer went to his home in Elk Grove, and arrested him on probable cause.


Conyers is being charged with deuce-ace violations including identity theft, commercial burglary, and a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation parole violation and is ineligible for bail.  


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