Inmate attacks deputy while in custody

SANTA BARBARA — A Santa Barbara County jail inmate faces several additional felony accounts for attacking a male custody deputy at the facility earlier this month.

Jesse Contreras, 29, was being held at the jail on felony drug and assault with a deadly weapon charges when he allegedly rushed the guard at approximately 6:15 p.m. Oct. 1.

The victim was escorting other inmates back from the common area where prisoners congregate outside their cells when, according to Santa Barbara County sheriff’s spokesman Drew Sugars, Contreras rushed through the cellblock sliding door and “attacked the deputy without provocation and punched him to the ground where he began stomping him with his feet.”

Custody staff responded quickly, but Contreras refused to submit peacefully to their control.

“At that point, he was brought under control with the use of a Taser,” said Sugars.

The assaulted deputy, age 44, was transported to Cottage Hospital with a broken nose and severe cranial and torso bruising.

“The facility was put on immediate lockdown,” Sugars added.

Following the attack, Conteras was charged with resisting arrest, threatening and officer, obstructing/resisting a public officer, and battery on a peace officer, and continues to be held on an additional bail of $25,000.

Jesse Contreras


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