Irvine Car Burglars Nabbed Escaping Neighborhood

IRVINE, CA – Two alleged car burglars were arrested early Monday morning after police received reports that two subjects were pulling on door handles of cars parked in the area of Starcrest and Ridgeline.

Jackie Pearl McCLure, 21 of Whittier, and Brett Anthony Fernandez, also 21, of La Habra, were pulled over as they were trying to drive out of the area and detained by police. McClure is reportedly a parolee.

An investigation followed and police determined that the two were in possession of items reported stolen from cars in the area. The stolen goods included iPods, a GPS unit, a video camera and sunglasses.

While police have identified one victim, they believe there may be others that have yet to discover they’ve been robbed.

Police also pointed out that no force seemed to have been used by the suspects so victims might not immediately recognize any losses. For this reason police encourage residents in the area to check their vehicles for any missing items and report any losses to the Irvine Police department.


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