Irvine Eagle Scout Arrested Hours After Graduation

IRVINE, CA (June 18, 2008): Only hours after University High School’s graduation ceremonies concluded, one of its graduates, Eagle Scout Carter Sudeith, 18, of Irvine, was arrested for allegedly burglarizing over 30 cars.

According to Irvine Police, two officers approached Sudeith shortly after 1:00 am near a community pool in a residential neighborhood. They had just completed another call when they noticed Sudeith, dressed all in black and carrying a black backpack which aroused their suspicion.

When they asked Sudeith to remove his hands from his pockets they discovered he was wearing latex gloves which furthered their concern that Sudeith could be involved with some criminal activity.

Further investigation indicated that Sudeith had conducted a search of over 100 cars, looking for unlocked doors or other easy access. Ipods, cash and packs of cigarettes were among the items found in Sudeith’s possession, items that are often targets for thefts from vehicles, according to police.

5 victims had been matched to items in Sudeith’s possession, said Lt. Rick Handfield, and Police were seeking more.

Sudeith belonged to Troop 606 in Irvine and achieved his Eagle Scout rank in 2005. He had been listed to graduate with University High School’s senior class on June 17.


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