ISP stops attempted rape on I-65; suspect intended to force victim to marry him

ISP stops attempted rape on I-65; suspect intended to force victim to marry him

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana State Police stopped an attempted rape on the side of the interstate after a man said he intended to impregnate a woman he met online so that she would be forced to marry him.

According to ISP, 19-year-old Kung Bik Cem, from Tucker, Georgia, drove from Lifeway Baptist University in Jacksonville, Florida to Southport to attend a wedding on March 25. The victim in the case is a woman he met online that was also going to be attending the wedding.

Cem said he had become friends with her on Facebook until she decided she didn’t want a relationship with him. They had never met in person until he showed up at the wedding and sat next to her. She said she couldn’t get him to leave her alone and had been ignoring his calls and texts.

Investigators stated that he said he took her cell phone to try to find out why she didn’t want to be with him. When he had her phone, he was able to get her to get into his car. Once she was in the vehicle, he said he was going to drive them to Georgia to get married. Cem told investigators he was going to “steal” the victim and that this was allowed and customary in his culture.

Police said the victim repeatedly stated that she wanted out of the car, but that Cem told investigators that he couldn’t let her out because he was in love with her.

The victim said that she grabbed the steering wheel at one point and tried to put the vehicle into park. Cem stopped the vehicle around the 93 mile marker on southbound Interstate 65 in Johnson County. The victim tried to escape but was drug back into the car.

Cem then said he told the victim that he was going to impregnate her so that she couldn’t leave him. When an ISP trooper arrived around 3:30 p.m., he said that the pair were in the backseat of Cem’s 2015 Camaro. Cem’s pants and underwear were down. The victim’s underwear was down and her dress was pulled up around her stomach.

The victim got out of the car and crumpled on the side of the interstate. Cem was placed in handcuffs.

Cem said that he drove up with a friend, Ze Cung, because his license was suspended. ISP said a BMV check did not reveal a suspended license for Cem.

Cem now faces felony charges of attempted rape and criminal confinement and a misdemeanor charge of theft.

He has an initial hearing in court on May 11.


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