Khalid due to be sentenced for terrorism offenses

Khalid due to be sentenced for terrorism offenses

By Ian Duncan | The Baltimore Sun

Just a few years ago Mohammad Khalid was a suburban teenager with a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, but today he is due to be sentenced by a federal judge in Philadelphia for terrorism offenses.

Prosecutors say they want the judge to send Khalid, who lived in Howard County, to prison for up to a decade for his role in a terror group that planned to launch attacks in Europe. Khalid linked up with “truly dangerous people” as he lived a double life, they say.

Khalid’s attorney is hoping for a much shorter term, pointing to his client’s youth and mental health issues he suffered from at the times of his crimes.

A number of other people were charged in the plot alongside Khalid, including Colleen LaRose, a woman who was known as Jihad Jane in online terror circles.

She received a 10 year sentence in January, considerably less than what prosecutors had sought. Khalid was due to go before the judge the same week, but his hearing was pushed back — just one of many delays in his case.

Khalid has cooperated extensively with federal investigators, helping them in other terror cases, according to court documents. That aid is enough to earn him a lighter sentence, prosecutors say, but they also told the judge in a memo that they worry Khalid could turn back toward radical Islam if he only spends a short while in prison.

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