Kidnapping-murder suspect released, then re-arrested

Jesse Perez Torres, 35, was arrested for the murder of Norma Lopez, 17.

MORENO VALLEY – A man arrested last week on suspicion of kidnapping and killing a teenager in 2010 was released from jail on Monday, then re-arrested the same day.

Jesse Perez Torres, 35, of Long Beach was arrested and booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside.
There is a 48-hour window to file charges, according to Riverside County District Attorney spokesman John Hall. Since weekends are not included in that process, the window to re-arrest Torres expired on Monday.
Investigators said that Norma Lopez, 17, was abducted by Perez in July 2010 while she was walking home from summer school at Valley View High School in Moreno Valley.
Five days later, her body was discovered in a field about two miles from the campus.
“We just received the case to be reviewed (Monday) afternoon,” said Hall. “Any murder case is typically very complex and takes some time. We have not made a final filing decision.”
Though he was free temporarily on Monday, sheriff’s deputies re-arrested him on the same charges, according to sheriff’s deputies.
The District Attorney will continue to review the case, said Hall.
Investigators got a break in the case last week when Torres was arrested by Moreno Valley sheriff’s deputies in Long Beach, his most recent city of residence.

According to reports, Torres lived within a block of Valley View High School at the time of Lopez’s kidnapping and murder.
Lopez’s shirtless body was discovered by a resident who was set to mow his lawn five days after her kidnapping.

Belongings, believed to be that of the victim, were discovered along a shortcut she had taken which, to investigators, indicated a struggle.
“We are confident we have the right suspect in custody,” Moreno Valley Police Chief John Anderson said in a statement. “He’s not out on the streets and the community can breathe a sigh of relief.”
Hall said “there’s no limit” to the number of times a suspect can be released and re-arrested.

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