Lodger who ‘confessed to murdering landlord over chess game cut out victim’s lung and ate it’

Lodger who ‘confessed to murdering landlord over chess game cut out victim’s lung and ate it’

By Jessica Best, Mirror

A man who has admitted killing his landlord after a row over a game of chess cut out one of his lungs and ate it, it is believed.

Tom O’Gorman, 39, was beaten and stabbed in Castleknock, West Dublin, at around 1.50am on Sunday.

Italian Saverio Bellante, 34, appeared before a court this morning accused of the killing, and is said to have told police when he was charged: “I am guilty.”

The Irish Mirror reports that after killing former journalist Mr O’Gorman, Bellante is believed to have taken out one of his lungs and eaten it.

And the Irish Independent reports that Bellante told detectives that he had also eaten the victim’s heart.

A post mortem examination is said to have found the heart in tact, but a lung was missing.

It is understood that the scene faced by police when they arrived at the address in Beech Park Avenue was so horrific, officers may need counselling.

Detectives believe the victim was bludgeoned with a dumbbell before being stabbed.

Mr O’Gorman was the eldest of three children, and lived at the house in the leafy suburb with his mother, until she passed away in 2012.

His father, who was a vet, had died some years earlier.

It is understood the Italian man had been living in the house as a lodger as Mr O’Gorman sought to supplement his income in recent months.

Friends and neighbours in the quiet neighbourhood said they were shocked at what had happened to Mr O’Gorman.

Father Denis O’Connor, a curate at Our Lady Mother of the Church in Castleknock, said the dead man had served as a Minister of the Eucharist at the chapel, just a few hundred yards from his home.

He added: “He was a lovely man, a quiet man. I’m going to pray for him at the Mass.

“He was well known here, a very devout man. I’d say he was well liked. He was a quiet man. He just came to Mass, went up and went home again.”

The priest said the quiet community had been rocked by the news of the killing.

He added: “The few that have heard it are absolutely distressed. They’re distressed and upset and troubled by it. He was a quiet man, a good man and he was highly regarded.

“It’s a terrible sorrow. People are broken by it, devastated. He’s a lovely man, a gentleman.

“It’s a terrible way he’s gone. No one should go like this. May God give him rest and peace. He’s with his mother and father now.”

Mr O’Gorman’s neighbours said he came from a nice family, who kept to themselves.

One, who didn’t want to be named, added: “It’s very sad that this happened. They were a very inoffensive family.”

Ted Leddy, a Fine Gael candidate for the area in this year’s local elections, said nothing like this had ever happened there before.

He added that local residents were left stunned by the violent killing.

He said: “I’m just absolutely shocked and disgusted to be quite honest. It’s been a terrible start to the year for things like that.

“There’s never been an incident like that around here so all the locals are just absolutely dumbfounded by it.

“I was canvassing recently here on this road and they all said crime-wise there were no problems.

“Nothing like this has ever happened. We’re all really shocked. Really angry over it too. It’s so close to the church, it’s the heart of the community.”

Bellante, who chose to represent himself in court today, was remanded in custody to appear before Cloverhill District Court in Dublin on January 17.

Judge David McHugh directed that he undergo a medical assessment while in custody.



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