Lohan closer to freedom but dissed by Paris and Nicks

LOS ANGELES – While websites like Gawker are showcasing Lindsay Lohan evidently braless in a sheer black top and short shorts following a court-ordered community service meeting, Crime Voice will try to stay focused on the details of the starlet’s upcoming trial and what is at stake for the hopeful Gotti actress.

Lohan Braless at Community Service Meeting

Lohan Braless at Community Service Meeting

On a positive note for Ms. Lohan, TMZ reports that she is expected to plead “no contest” to the now misdemeanor theft charge of allegedly stealing a necklace from a Venice jeweler. This plea makes it probable that her current 120-day sentence for a parole violation related to the alleged theft will not be increased and she’ll be set free after the 120 days are served.

TMZ further reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (the agency that will be overseeing Lohan’s pending incarceration) often allows non-violent, misdemeanor perps such as Lohan to serve their sentences at home rather than behind bars.

More related good news for Lohan is that because of the new misdemeanor status of her case, it has been turned over to the Los Angeles City Attorney, reports E! Online.

“Because the charge was reduced by the court to a misdemeanor, the district attorney no longer has jurisdiction to prosecute the case and, therefore, we will give the case to the City Attorney’s Office,” spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said in a statement.

Something that hasn’t brightened Lohan’s week, however, is some ridicule by her ex-BFF, Paris Hilton.

As seen on TMZ, Paris was speaking to a homeless woman for her reality show, The World According to Paris, when the homeless woman asks if she can have Hilton’s earrings. As Hilton obligingly hands them over, the homeless woman calls her Lindsay.

“I’m not her,” laughs the heir to the Hilton fortune. “If I were Lindsay I’d be stealing these earrings, not giving them away,” she adds in a voiceover to the clip. Ouch!

The Mean Girls star didn’t take kindly to the snub, saying: “Paris is mean. You don’t have to make fun of serious matters in people’s lives to be funny,” reports TMZ.

Lohan took some further tough love from famed crooner and Fleetwood Mac contributor Stevie Nicks, when Nicks told CNN this week that Lohan would never get the green light to portray her in a movie “unless she cleans up her life.”

Lohan’s next court date is set for Wednesday, May 11.


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