Man Accused of Kidnapping Woman From Anaheim Motel Shot by Police; Victim Found in S.D.

Man Accused of Kidnapping Woman From Anaheim Motel Shot by Police; Victim Found in S.D.

A 33-year-old man who allegedly kidnapped a woman last week at an Anaheim motel after killing another man who attempted to protect her was shot by police in San Diego Wednesday.

The shooting was the result of investigators following up on information that the kidnapping victim had called her father after apparently escaping her captor and was in San Diego, the Anaheim Police Department stated in a news release.

Authorities responded to the information and found the victim, identified in earlier reports as 23-year-old Brianne Deese.

The continuing investigation led San Diego Police Department officers to the 4000 block of Taylor Street, where alleged kidnapper Luke Thodore Lampers was spotted arriving at a motel in a vehicle on Wednesday, the news release stated.

Lampers fled from authorities and during the ensuing pursuit an officer involved shooting occurred.

Lampers was struck and taken to a San Diego area hospital, where he was expected to survive, the Anaheim Police Department tweeted.

Investigators did find a weapon at the scene of the shooting, according to the tweet.

The search for Lampers began on Jan. 11, after he allegedly shot and killed 49-year-old Douglas Navarro and then forced Deese into his vehicle at gunpoint and took off.

Navarro had been trying to protect Deese when he was shot, police said following the abduction.

Lampers and Deese are believed to have had a past romantic relationship, police said.

There was no immediate word on Deese’s condition at the time she was found.



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