Maybe banks should check more checks

   AUBURN, Calif — Auburn Police Department investigators believe that a November 18 arrest could eventually lead to the unmasking of as many as a dozen people using a computer program to print phony payroll checks.

   According to Auburn Police Detective Adam Cline, 31-year old Jessica J. Aflleje was arrested on suspicion of burglary, along with three companion charges after investigators learned she was responsible for cashing at least three forged checks at the local Golden One Bank on Highway 49.

   Aflleje was identified as a transient, but authorities say they believe her to be from the Stockton area.

   “We learned that the operation utilized a common computer payroll check-printing program, but used (financial) information it had received by stealing mail from an Auburn mailbox,” Cline said.

   The detective added that Aflleje and others involved purposely kept the check’s amount at less than $500 “because banks usually check signatures only on checks above that amount. Maybe they need to look at others.”

   Cline said at least two other suspects were in local custody on separate charges, but probably would soon be arrested on suspicion of being involved in this operation.

  “And they are not the only other suspects, and we are not the only agency looking into this particular operation, which may also be working the Sacramento area,” Cline said.

   “One of the other suspects has already claimed he made at least $16,000 off of this scam, while Aflleje, who has already confessed to her involvement here, told me she needed the money to buy methamphetamines.”


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