Men Killed Friend With Speedboat After Argument About Beer And Cigarettes

Men Killed Friend With Speedboat After Argument About Beer And Cigarettes

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Two men in England have been sentenced to life in prison for murdering their friend with a speedboat after an argument about cigarettes and beer.

Paul Gerlach, 52, and Louis Borzoni, 50, were convicted June 30 in Winchester Crown Court in Winchester, according to the Mirror.

In May 2013, the two men were on thespeedboat “No Chance” in Dorset with aspiring rapper Rico Dardis, 30, according to the Daily Echo.

Multiple witnesses said that when the boat was moored, they saw the trio drinking and then later getting into an argument. Witness Anthony Soper told the court he heard one of the men yelling at Dardis, “You are being ungrateful, you’ve smoked all my cigarettes and drunk all my beer,” according to the Daily Mail.

About six hours later, witnesses noticed Gerlach and Borzoni laughing and joking while apparently trying to unclog the boat’s propeller.

What was caught in the propellor was Dardis’ severed leg. His torso was found floating in the water later that night.

Prosecutors said Dardis had been pushed off the boat, and afterwards Gerlach turned the speedboat around and intentionally drove it over him. While out on bail prior to trial, both men were caught on tape confessing to the murder of Dardis.

Borzoni was caught telling his brother, “I hated the bloke. Really f**ing hated him and he deserved what he got. He was asking for it.” Part of Borzoni’s confession can be heard here (NSFW language).

Gerlach was recorded as telling his estranged wife, “I honestly, mate, I just whacked the throttle down, whacked the throttle down and I’m not remorseful.”

Both men were sentenced to life, though Gerlach must serve a minimum of 17 years, while Borzoni must serve a minimum of 15.



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