Milli Vanilli Bandits busted? Suspects Derrick Erwin and Jeremy Erwin in custody

Milli Vanilli Bandits busted? Suspects Derrick Erwin and Jeremy Erwin in custody

Update: Last week, we told you about the so-called Milli Vanilli Bandits — a pair of bewigged robbers suspected of knocking over thirteen businesses in just six November days; see our previous coverage below, complete with interactive maps showing each location.

Now, the Denver police believe they’ve found this pair of very real stick-up artists. In custody are Derrick Erwin and Jeremy Erwin. But that’s about all the cops have revealed thus far.

Here’s what we know.

Yesterday, the Denver Police Department tweeted the following:

The link embedded in the tweet takes surfers to a Facebook post revealing that Derrick, 29, and Jeremy, 33, were cuffed on Friday, December 6, with assistance from several DPD units and the Aurora Police Department.

And that’s all thus far. No mug shots have been issued and no additional details have been shared about the men — not even if they’re related. As for charges, a routine release of arrest information from December 7 lists only one Erwin, Derrick. The document lists two robbery counts and an arrest location of Colfax and Kingston.

We know more about the places the Milli Vanilli Bandits are suspected of hitting. See them here, along with photos of the scofflaws in action.

Original post, 10:50 a.m. December 4: The pop duo Milli Vanilli is remembered for faking vocals. But the pair dubbed the Milli Vanilli Bandits by the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force (because of the wigs they choose) are the real thing. They allegedly held up thirteen places on just six November days, with three robberies in less than two hours this past Friday. We’ve grabbed Google maps of all the locations, some of which you’ve probably visited: These guys really seem to have something against fast-food restaurants. The maps are followed by surveillance pics and details from Denver police.

Note: If you have problems seeing the images, click “View Larger Map.”


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