Milpitas police looking for phony alarm company representative

A man claiming to be a representative of Brinks Home Security is roaming the residential neighborhoods of Milpitas, allegedly in an attempt to figure out how best to burglarize homes.

According to Milpitas police, the suspect has a Brinks Security sign that he showed to at least one resident. Authorities say he then asked the residents if they had an alarm system, information he could use to determine if he could later burglarize the home.

“It is not uncommon for residential burglars to case potential victims’ homes prior to striking,” Milpitas police Officer Trish Young-Orth said. Burglars and other criminals may use a variety of techniques and ruses to obtain valuable information to make it easier to burglarize a home or commit other crimes. Criminals may pose as salespersons, utility employees, contractors, or any number of other identities.”

Brinks Alarm Company is no longer in existence, as it was bought out by ADT, police advise. ADT told investigators that it does not operate using the Brinks name, nor does it conduct door-to-door sales solicitations. An ADT employee would wear an ADT uniform and would carry an identification card, the company reported.

Milpitas police are advising residents to be wary of door-to-door solicitors and not to provide any personal or security-related information to such people. Residents are also advised to ask for identification.

The City of Milpitas requires that all solicitors obtain a business license from the city.

Residents are asked to report any and all suspicious activity to Milpitas police by calling (408) 586-2400.

Anyone with information on this matter is also urged to contact police. Tips may be left anonymously by calling (408) 586-2500 or by visiting the department’s website.

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