Mobster Bulger’s Possessions To Be Sold At Auction

Mobster Bulger’s Possessions To Be Sold At Auction

CBS Boston

BOSTON, Ma. – In an effort to raise money for James “Whitey” Bulger’s victims, authorities announced that they will auction off the notorious mobster’s possessions sometime in the next few months.

Bulger, 84, was captured in 2011 after living as a fugitive of the law in Santa Monica, Calif. He had fled his home state of Massachusetts in 1994.

Bulger’s belongings will be sold to the highest bidders during a criminal forfeiture auction. All proceeds will go to the families of those killed by the convicted criminal, who was found guilty last August of orchestrating or participating in 11 murders.

Among the more valuable items to be auctioned include a gold and diamond claddagh ring estimated to be worth $48,000.

In addition to money raised in the upcoming auction, victims will also receive shares of the roughly $822,000 in cash found hidden in the walls of Bulger’s apartment.



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