Motel 6 Employee Escapes Bizarre Knife Attack

COSTA MESA, CA (April 10, 2009) – A woman has been arrested for allegedly attempting to stab a Motel 6 employee for no apparent reason.

According to police, Nicole Marie Andrian, 30, of 1555 E. Mesa Verde Drive in Costa Mesa, approached the employee, a 46 year old man, and complained to him about a “maintenance issue” at the Motel 6 on Gisler Ave. in Costa Mesa.

Believing the woman to be a guest at the motel the man followed her, she lead him toward the east side of the establishment. Suddenly Andrian turned on the surprised employee, grabbed him by the shirt and tried to stab him in the chest with a buck knife.

The man was able to thwart the attack by pulling away, barely avoiding the blade which did cut his shirt, said police.

Witnesses saw the woman flee across the street toward a Chevron gas station where police ascertained she had locked herself in the rest room. Inside, police found Andrian with a knife and a partially empty bottle of tequila.

The man that was nearly stabbed was able to identify her as his attacker and she was taken into custody.

Andrian is being held in Orange County Jail with bail set at $25,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.


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