Mother and Daughter Arrested at Gunpoint

By Jim Ruffalo
Auburn, Calif — A mother and daughter from Oroville wound up jailed Thursday (May 7), in part from what authorities say was taking the adage “God helps them that helps themselves” too seriously.
   Tamera Strickland, 47, and her 29-year old daughter Shylla Weston were arrested at gunpoint by Placer County Sheriff’s deputies at the intersection of High and East Placer streets in downtown Auburn.
   According to Placer County Sheriff’s Sergeant Brian Whigam, the pair was apprehended in possession of a generator taken from the Loomis area.
   “The mom told (officers) that they’d seen the generator in the back of a truck, and decided that it was an omen from God so they could make some money,” Whigam said.
   Whigam added that a tip alerted authorities as to the theft and the possible burglars, which set off a county-wide search.
   “A BOLO (Be On the LookOut) was issued and we all started converging on the scene, looking for a white pick-up truck,” he said.
   According to Whigam, the truck was spotted at an Auburn market along Auburn-Folsom Rd. by Deputy Kevin Griffiths, who then followed it to downtown, alerting other deputies and agencies on the way.
   Once he was joined by units from the Auburn Police Department, the arrest was made.
   Strickland and Weston, who both gave a home address of 1495 High St., Oroville, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and possessing stolen property.


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