Murder in Strathmore Marijuana Field

"We recommend that if you hear a disturbance or anything like that prior to going out and checking it yourself, contact us. Losing property is not worth your life," said Lt. Keith Douglass with the Tulare County Sheriff's Department.

Tulare county sheriffs are currently investigating the shooting death of a visitor from Los Angeles, who was sleeping inside a residence near a marijuana grove outside the city of Strathmore early Wednesday morning.

When deputies arrived to the scene, the victim was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds. The incident occurred on the 20100 block of Road 44 near Strathmore, which is located north from the city of Porterville in Tulare County.

A news release from the Tulare County sheriff’s department unveiled brief details of what the violent crimes and crime lab detectives discovered in the homicide, which included a noise outside the house that caused the victim to wake up.

“During the investigation, detectives discovered the victim at the residence visiting,” the release said. “He woke up and went outside when he heard a disturbance. There, he was shot by a subject who was in the process of stealing marijuana.”

The victim’s name was not released. The only current description made available was that he was a Hispanic male in his 20’s and a visitor from Los Angeles. The shooting took place around 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Lt. Keith Douglass of the Tulare County sheriff department said that authorities received a tip about the homicide from another person who was also inside the house.

“One other person was at the home east of Strathmore when the shooting occurred and told authorities what had happened,” Douglass said.

Investigators did discover that medical marijuana recommendation letters for three people were founded at the grow site. Authorities, however, are also trying to determine if the site was legal.

No other description was made available including if the shooter acted alone and the vehicle the suspect drove. Tulare County sheriff’s is asking the public’s help if anyone has additional information or leads. The number to contact is (559) 733-6218.

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